Natasha is a mom of two, military wife and entrepreneur. With a background in human science she created these products to assist with concerns she herself experienced. This company was established to encourage others that what they may be going thru is natural and so is Hotty Herbals. Better yet, it’s organic. 

Growing up in a British-Caribbean household is what originally sparked her interest in herbs. Watching her grandmother create concoctions to combat ailments such as stomach aches, weight loss, headaches, common colds, insomnia and more. In addition, her fondest memories of childhood was shared around a cup of tea. A practice her family did everyday at least twice a day. 

"Tea is something you enjoy in companionship, meditation, in celebration, solitude or more. It is my happy place and I thought if it means that much to me I'm sure there are others who feel the same way. Why not attack a difficult situation with a desirable one? It's the best of both worlds, drinking something that is good for me and has been good to me."

Each tea is its own powerful persona. Home-made blends catered to your needs with simple ingredients. No chemicals, dyes, things you can't pronounce - just herbs and flowers. 

What happens when tea and herbs get intimate? - Hotty Herbals. Created out of love, with love for both mommy, baby and those in between.